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 How to Use the Dr. Brown’s Specialty Feeding System

Dr. Brown's Specialty Feeding System


Click on the logo to view a feeding instruction video for Dr. Brown’s Specialty Feeding System.


*This bottle system was developed after feeding instruction videos above were published; it will be included in future versions of our educational materials.


Click here for the booklet version of our feeding information. This booklet contains the same information discussed in the feeding videos. You can use this booklet as a helpful read-along to the video or as a quick, print-out reference when you and your family have feeding questions.

If you have trouble viewing these videos, try changing to a different internet browser (sometimes has compatibility issues with Internet Explorer) or contact us for a complimentary CD-ROM of the videos.

The content of this video is provided solely for educational purposes. It is not a substitute for medical advice provided by a physician. It is intended for use by parents, caregivers, and nurses caring for infants with cleft lip and/or cleft palate, not for infants with more complicated craniofacial conditions. The content does not represent the only, nor necessarily the best, feeding method or equipment appropriate for your infant’s situation. Consult with your treating physician before proceeding to use any of the information presented in this video.

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