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Yagiz’s Story

Yagiz’s story in PDF format

My husband and I were anxious to know the gender of our baby. I was hoping for a boy and my husband was just holding his breath hoping for a girl. When we saw our doctor in the 6th month, he told us that I have diabetics and should be more careful about my diet. I was broken down, I was 27 and this was going to be my first baby.

When we went to see our doctor again, my baby was only 3 months old. The doctor recognized something small, but unusual with the baby via ultrasound. Then he told us that our baby may be born with a cleft, and a heart disorder. He asked us to see him every day to check the baby’s heart beats. I did not know what to do; I cried a lot, thinking ‘Why this is happening to us?’ I thought that was a punishment for us, but I could not think about any mistakes so serious in my life.

My baby was born premature with a cleft lip. As I expected his appearance, I was not surprised when I saw him for the first time. At the end of two months, our doctor checked our baby’s health and sent us to a specialist for surgery options. When the nurses came into the room, and took my baby away from me for the surgery, I thought that I could not see my baby again. Waiting was beyond all bear for two hours. In the end, I saw my baby with a green cloth on it, and shaking small, pink lips.

I thanked God seeing that my baby’s problem was small. However, I have to admit that I got used to see my baby with a cleft lip. That is, after the surgery, it took me some time to get used to his new look.

Now, my baby is incredible! He is five years old, and there was not any serious health problems related to cleft. He has no problems in eating, speaking, and hearing as our doctor guessed at the beginning. He is the cleverest kid I have ever known and I thank God for letting us have such a great kid!

Last Updated: Jul 20, 2011