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Peach’s Story on Tessier Clefts

A big thank you to the CPF for hosting this site and for giving this information about Tessier clefts a home on the web

I invite you to share part of our journey, through the life and times of the Peach! Our family also includes dad, Rick, an investment banker; mom, Pat; and son, Thomas, a young man just beginning to taste the freedom of junior high, grade seven.

Peach is a nearly ten-year-old Avril Lavigne fan who plays piano, and loves art, clay, acting and dancing. She hopes to be a vet when she grows up – she has two cats and a dog — and she also wants to work part time at Dairy Queen so she can have free ice cream. Good that her priorities are in order!

We recently asked her about having more surgery, but she said she’s happy the way she is, so we’ve postponed any more procedures until she is ready. We’re happy she feels good about herself. It is what we have hoped for, and we are very proud of her.

Something else we have worked toward is finding information about these unusual clefts. Where Peach was born, we were advised not to go looking for information. However, as a researcher and writer, what else was I to do?

I began with a few bits of information from our surgeon and from there began researching the journals. In the past ten years, I have amassed a small library of articles, books and videotape about Tessier facial clefts and other craniofacial conditions.

I have been canvassing the ‘net for seven years looking for information about Tessier clefts. There is very little. We hope this bit of research will be a starting point for more information about craniofacial clefts.

Throughout our time on the web, and via Peach’s pages, we have also ‘met about a dozen other families or individuals who are affected by Tessier facial clefts. We are happy to share our experience and pleased that the ACPF is making this information available through this site

We would like to dedicate this to our medical caregivers who have treated our family with dignity and compassion, and who supported our need for information.

Patricia Bacon Smith, mom to the Peach

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Last Updated: Jul 25, 2006