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Cleft-Craniofacial Community Stories

Interested In Sharing Your Story?

 In order to share your story we will need:

  • Your story.  On average, a Story of the Month runs about 500-600 words in length. However, some are longer and some shorter so you should feel welcome to write more or less if you wish. Just think of this as a general guideline. Please submit your story as a Miscrosoft Word document.
  • Photo(s).  You may submit up to ten (10) photos. We will select which photo(s) to include with your story.
  • Please submit the above materials as email attachments to this email address.

A few guidelines to consider:

  • Relevance.  Our hope for all stories is that they share experiences and insights that will benefit other individuals and families in our cleft-craniofacial community.  Think about things you may have learned, seen or explored through your cleft-craniofacial care experiences that may be relevant to others going through a similar journey.
  • Tone.  Whether it’s planning summer break around another surgery, wondering if someone is unfriendly because of your cleft, or adjusting to a prenatal diagnosis, life with a facial difference is a unique experience.  The parts of your story that can most benefit others include how you’ve learned to deal with challenges and the perspectives you’ve gained through your own experiences.  An optimistic tone is beneficial to others seeking support and information.
  • Topic.  Since the intent of the Story of the Month is not to describe or recommend specific medical treatments, we ask that you please refrain from descriptions of medical procedures and from naming specific medical professionals and/or institutions.

Thank you for reaching out to others through the Cleft Palate Foundation.

We look forward to sharing your story!