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Cleft-Craniofacial Community Stories

Finn’s Journey

Finn Hernansen-pic1Our son Finn, who is eight now, was born with a cleft palate. When he was born the nurse made a comment, I remember it clearly…”Oh, he has a cleft palate”. We had no idea what that meant or what it would entail.

We were so excited to welcome Finn into our lives that I don’t think we realized the journey we were headed on until our first visit to the children’s hospital. Believe me, it was quite the journey of surgeries and speech therapy. Finn was born a few weeks early and was a small baby so we had to log his feeding and use special bottles to assist with the cleft (we were so happy when we could get rid of those bottles). We have had amazing support from our Children’s Hospital!

Finn may need surgery down the road to help with some snoring issues, but at this point we have an annual check‐up with our team and things are going great! Finn is an amazing, outgoing kid that loves life. We wouldn’t change anything about our journey!

Finn Hernansen-pic2