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2013 Recipients

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This year, thanks to the generous support of many donors, the Cleft Palate Foundation is pleased to offer a record 17 college scholarships!

CPF gratefully acknowledges the generous contributions made to the Peter Randall, MD/Don LaRossa, MD and Gip Seaver, PhD College Scholarship Funds. These special funds recognize the work of Dr. Peter Randall, Dr. Don LaRossa, and Dr. Earl “Gip” Seaver, all of whom have worked to enhance the quality of life for individuals affected by cleft lip and palate and other craniofacial birth defects. Each year, contributions made to these funds are responsible for covering the cost of at least two college scholarships.

Congratulations to each of the 2013 college scholarship recipients!

Collin Anderson
Jasmine Baxter
Jared Blockus
Kelly Bryant
Colton Chavez
Emerald Demor
Sarah Gabel
Stephen Goodale
Zachary Hegemann
Felicia Holloway
Kelzye Isham
Jaclyn [Last name withheld]
Madison Maley
Alexandria Natoli
Evan Rappe
Caroline Smith
Heather Tom

Collin Anderson

From: Good Hope, IL
Attending: Bulter University

I am pursuing a PharmD (or a doctorate of pharmacy) degree at Butler. This means I will be completing two years of a pre-pharmacy program and four years of the professional PharmD program. After my six years, I plan to secure a job in either a hospital or a retail pharmacy.

I am passionate about music and I plan to continue music through college and for the rest of my life. I have played the piano for 12 years and the alto saxophone for 8 years. I have also recently begun teaching myself the ukulele. I believe music will always be a part of my life and when I retire, I hope to teach piano lessons. I have also been involved in many organizations like Boy Scouts, 4-H, and FFA. These organizations have each taught me valuable life skills, especially in my years of scouting leading up to my Eagle Scout rank.

I am thankful for my community. I grew up in a town with around 400 people and my high school had less than 200 people. However with a small community, I was able to know and be closer to more people. I enjoyed going to community gatherings and catching up with everyone. I am ready to be trying out a larger community in Indianapolis, but I will definitely miss my home.

Jasmine Baxter

From: Millington, TN
Attending: Remington College

Jared Blockus

From: Laurys Station, PA
Attending: Temple University

blockus, jaredI would like to thank the Cleft Palate Foundation for granting me this scholarship. It is such an honor to be recognized as one of the lucky recipients. At birth, I was diagnosed with a bilateral cleft palate and lip, and I have received many surgeries across the years since then. This defect has not only shaped who I am, but also has inspired me to become what I want to be. This fall, I will be attending Temple University at the Honors College for Biology and Pre-Medicine. My aspiration is to become a craniofacial plastic surgeon just like the doctors who took care of me. My goal is to be not only help for future patients, but proof that just because we are born to look different, it does not have to define who we are as a whole. In all of my years in high school, I was extremely active in all areas: academics, athletics, and the arts. I am a member of the National Honors society, where I have tutored students in Algebra, English, and Spanish, and have also served as President of our school’s Key Club, a community service organization. In sports, I was a member of the Varsity Cross-Country and Track & Field teams, while also playing some soccer on the side in my earlier years, which led me to become an official soccer referee. In the arts, I have been actively involved in our school’s theatrical productions, as well as the honor’s choir, The PHS Chorale, which consists of 32 students for a high school that exceeds 3000 people. Recently this spring, our school put on a production of “The Phantom of the Opera” and was recognized by the local WFMZ Freddy Awards as the winner of Outstanding Overall Production of a Musical, where I took part as one of the leads in the show. Just because I was diagnosed with a disorder that makes me look different does not mean that I cannot do what I want to in life. And that is what I want my future patients to understand. My cleft palate and lip have been a blessing to me, for they have made me become a more motivated and active individual. Rather than setting limits on my life, they have only opened up the door to more possibilities that I could have never imagined.

Kelly Bryant

From: Eagan, MN
Attending: Loyola University Chicago

I am truly honored to be selected as a 2013 CPF Scholarship recipient. I was born with a cleft of my soft palate but it was repaired when I was just a baby. I will be attending Loyola University in Chicago in the fall. I am excited to major in either economics or international relations. Both of these subjects interest me greatly. After college, I would like to attend law school with the hopes of becoming an environmental lawyer. I am very passionate about the environment and I hope that I will someday be able to protect it to the best of my ability. I have truly been blessed with a family that stands by me in all that I have done.

I have found many passions over my high school career including debate and mock trial. These two activities have kept me on my toes and have allowed me to make some of my best friends. I put a lot of hard work into debate and mock trial as they have taught me what it really means to put all of your effort into one activity. My high school has given me a variety of opportunities to show my leadership skills. I was both debate and mock trial captains and I was able to use my leadership skills to help the younger members of our team. I was also an officer for our National Honor Society Chapter as well as our Student Council organization.

I know that if I continue to work hard, my future looks bright. I can’t wait to attend Loyola University this fall, and I feel very blessed to be where I am today. I really appreciate receiving this scholarship, it means a lot to me and represents how far I have come in my life.

Colton Chavez

From: Eagle, ID
Attending: Gonzaga University

This scholarship is going to be able to help me attend one of the chavez, coltonbest universities in my area and will enable me to succeed to a tremendous degree in my area of study. I will be entered in to the Pre-law program at Gonzaga University undergoing a major in criminal justice. After college I will hopefully attend law school.

I have played Rugby for two years now and it has been one of the best experiences in my life. Because its not very popular in the U.S yet, I had the pleasure to not only play but help manage the club at my school. Rugby was an interesting experience that made me stronger and a better team mate.

For four years I participated in the Speech and Debate program. This program meant a lot to me because of the many friendships that I made. Most of all I met my best friend in this program, and although he and I may be attending different colleges we still are able to maintain a strong bond that will last a lifetime.

Emerald Demor

From: Rocky River, OH
Attending: Marietta College

I am so honored to have been awarded the Cleft Palate Foundation scholarship. This award will greatly help to support me in my freshman year at Marietta College beginning fall of 2013. I plan to major in biochemistry and information systems with a minor in international leadership. While in college, I look forward to continuing my participation in vocal music and service organizations. I am currently the president of my high school’s Key Club. Service and giving back to the community is extremely important to me. I plan to continue service throughout my entire lifetime and this goal will only be assisted by my degree choice. Post-college, I would like to obtain a job as a research scientist so that I can study different genetic diseases and understand possible treatments and cures. I would like to travel often in my college years and visit multiple different countries so that I can not only help my community but my entire planet. I believe that my purpose in life is to brighten the lives of others and by receiving this scholarship, I can see that I will be supported in my endeavors. Thank you again for this gracious award.

Sarah Gabel

From: Lacey, WA
Attending: Saint Martin’s University

I am so grateful to the Cleft Palate Foundation for awarding me this scholarship, as it will greatly help me achieve my academic goals. I will be a senior at Saint Martin’s University this fall, and I hope to graduate with my bachelors in 2014 with a major in biology and a minor in mathematics. After graduation, I hope to pursue a PhD in a biological field at the University of Washington.

I recently finished an internship with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, where I got to help research how the Elwha Dam deconstruction influenced the concentration of sediments in the Elwha River. I was also able to assist with an electrofishing project on the Quilcene River, surveying the types and ages of fish in the river’s habitats. This summer, I will be partaking in an internship at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, helping with research on the kinetochore and its associative proteins in chromosomes.

In addition, I enjoy reading, piano, kitchen experiments, and exploring the great outdoors. These hobbies have led me to becoming an obsessive book worm, learning how to play one of my favorite piano pieces: Claire de Lune, attempting to bake a cake in a hollowed-out orange peel (it was okay), and creating several mini-gardens all over my front and back yards.

I have had so many amazing opportunities in life, and it’s because of all the amazing people I’ve been blessed to encounter. Thank you to Dr. Kropp and his team at Children’s Hospital in Seattle for their skilled repair of my cleft palate; to my family, friends, and colleagues for their support and encouragement; and again to the Cleft Palate Foundation for their generous scholarship.

Stephen Goodale

From: Madera, CA
Attending: California Polytechnic State University

Zachary Hegemann

From: Yelm, WA
Attending: University of Washington

I cannot thank the Cleft Palate Foundation enough for the opportunityhegemann,zach to participate in this scholarship. Born with a unilateral cleft lip and palate, being in and out of Children’s Hospital Seattle for years I never truly understood how much my cleft lip has built my culture and acceptance as a person. I no longer am afraid to answer the questions about my scar but welcome the chance to inform people on how it comes about. Ultimately without the support and love of my family, teachers, and doctors throughout the years I would not be the person I am today and I appreciate everything each of them has done for me.

As for my undergraduate studies I am planning on attending the University of Washington in Fall of 2013, “Go Dawgs.” UW being a prominent research university will open up opportunities for me to major in chemistry or biochemistry and eventually move on into the post-graduate field of Pre-Pharmacy. With this degree I hope to one day find a job in Pharmacology or become a pharmacist to provide people with lifesaving, or quality of life improving medicines.

Throughout the years regardless of my cleft lip I have remained social and participated in many activities including football, basketball, track, and rugby. Other than sports my favorite hobby is competitively racing outboard hydroplanes around the nation. Even with so much going on I have also found the time to volunteer with a local organization known as Camp Korey, with all benefits going towards Children’s Hospital Seattle and juvenile cancer research.

Just as many of my classmates, I am ready to move on to the next chapter in my life, I believe the University of Washington will provide the best preparation for anything I decide to do as a career and this scholarship will help in affording my undergraduate education. I hope to one day be a role model to younger children with craniofacial abnormalities, and be able to tell them that their scars are nothing to shy away from, but instead a story to tell.

Felicia Holloway

From: Sandusky, OH
Attending: University of Akron

Kelzye Isham

From: Olney, TX
Attending: University of Mary Hardin-Baylor


From: Freeland, PA
Attending: West Chester University

jaclynI am truly honored that I am one of the 2013 Cleft Palate Foundation College Scholarship recipients. I was born with a right unilateral complete cleft of my lip and I received treatment and care from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The work they completed on my lip when I was an infant was phenomenal. There is still a small scar that separates me from my peers, a scar that I love and that is complimented on frequently.

I will attend West Chester University in the fall and I will study as a fresman in the Economics and Finance Program. My goal is to become a successful woman in my career.

As a high school student I joined my schools Marching Band where I play the clarinet. Marching Band gave me the confidence that I needed to tell my friends why I had a scar. I also joined my schools Bowling Team, where I was able to continue what I love since I was three years old.

This scholarship will help relieve the burden that college tuition will play on my student finances. Thank you for helping me reach my goals.

Madison Maley

From: Williamsville, NY
Attending: Alfred University

maley,madisonI am pleased and honored to be a recipient of the Cleft Palate Foundation scholarship. I was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate and over the years have gone through many surgeries. I have not looked at this as a disability but rather just one part of who I am. I would like to thank Women’s and Children’s Hospital for taking such great care of me throughout the years.

I will be attending Alfred University in the fall of 2013 and plan on majoring in biomedical engineering. With this I hope to help design and construct different medical devices which can help improve people’s lives or improve the treatment of patients.

I love to play all kinds of sports. In high school I played something each season for all four years. In the fall I played golf, winter was basketball and the spring was baseball. Each sport brought a new experience and lots of fun. I also played the violin in our school orchestra and I taught myself how to play the guitar and piano.

Again I would like to thank the Cleft Palate Foundation the scholarship and for their work on helping people affected with craniofacial birth defects.

Alexandria Natoli

From: Leland, NC
Attending: University of North Carolina-Wilmington

Evan Rapperappe,evan

From: Macon, IL
Attending: Illinois State University

I am greatly humbled to receive this generous scholarship from the Cleft Palate Foundation. It will be essential to the funding of my college education moving forward. I enjoy watching sports, and I am into politics. I also greatly enjoy technology, and I will be pursuing that passion in college by studying Computer Science at Illinois State University. Hopefully sometime in the future I can move on and obtain a graduate degree of some sort. I truly try to help out my communities and those surrounding in any way I can through volunteering, I feel it is an essential part of any community’s well-being.

Caroline Smith

From: Pittsburgh, PA
Attending: Purdue University

smith,carolineI am deeply honored to be a 2013 Cleft Palate Foundation Scholarship recipient. Although being born with a cleft palate put me through many obstacles, it has made me stronger and more compassionate. Now that I have overcome these obstacles, it is time to open a new chapter of my life. I will be attending Purdue University in the fall where I plan on majoring in Food Science. I have been interested in science since I was little. A interest that was sparked by my multitude of visits to hospitals. Going to college is an exciting time in my life, where I can make a fresh start. However, I will not forget the memories I have made. I have enjoyed being involved in the theatre department of our high school where I have worked on costume design. I had the opportunity to work with and make friends with so many amazing people. I love to sew and create things. I have also made many fond memories with my participation in majorettes. Twirling on the field gives me such a great feeling and boost of confidence. I did not let my cleft palate slow me down, and I do not plan to start decelerating anytime soon. This scholarship will only help push me along even further to achieve my goals.

Heather Tom

From: South Pasadena, CA
Attending: Portland State University

As a person born with a bi-lateral cleft lip and palate I have encountered tom, heathermany obstacles in life including people who did not believe I could successfully pursue and complete a higher education degree. However, I am currently a graduate student at Portland State University in pursuit of my Masters of Science in speech-language pathology.  My journey to becoming a speech-language pathologist (SLP) began in the fourth grade when I completed my final speech therapy session. I quickly realized my success would not have been possible without the support of my family and SLP.

It is an honor to be one of the 2013 scholarship recipients; I cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for the Cleft Palate Foundation and the generous people who support CPF.  This award will enable me to further my education and more importantly achieve my ultimate goal of becoming a SLP.  After I graduate I hope to work closely with people affected by cleft lip and palate and other craniofacial disorders. It is my life dedication to help others as my SLP has done for me.