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Shawn Lockery

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Name: Shawn Lockery

Location: Eugene, OR

Relationship to affected individual: Father

How and when did you come across the Cleft Palate Foundation?: We learned about CPFshortly after our son, Corin, was born in 1994, most likely through literature that was given to us at the hospital. Corin was bilateral complete. His surgeries were done by John Mulliken at Children’s Hospital in Boston.

What are your reasons for continuing to give?: I remain extremely grateful for the help and support the Foundation provided, particularly in the first few months of my son’s life. I want to help ensure that this assistance remains available to other affected families.

Shawn Lockery and his family have been financial supporters of CPF for more than ten years!
“Here is a photo of me and my two sons: Rowan on the left and Corin on the right. Rowan is holding a trombone, and Corin is showing off the mechanical hand he built (it only has one finger, however).”

Other interesting tidbits: I am a biology professor. I study how the brain of a tiny round worm controls its behavior. This work will help us understand the function of bigger brains, like ours. But that’s just my day job. By night, I turn into a fiddle player. I play in an old-time string band called the Eugene City Barnstormers. I donate the money I make playing music to CPF.

Click here to see a picture of Shawn and the Eugene City Barnstormers.

A BIG thanks to Shawn, his family and the Eugene City Barnstormers for supporting the Cleft Palate Foundation for more than ten years!