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Blue River Elementary School

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Blue River Elementary School of Stilwell, Kansas

We are so grateful to the students, teachers, staff, and supporters of Blue River Elementary School! Read below about how this incredible group raised $4,000 to improve the quality of life for individuals affected by cleft lip/palate and other craniofacial conditions!


Dear Cleft Palate Foundation,

My name is Lisa Culbertson and I am the Student Council Advisor for Blue River Elementary School in Stilwell, Kansas. Each year our school chooses a charity that it would like to support. We try to choose charities that help children and their families and also ones that directly impact the lives of our students. This year we chose to support CPF.

We have 2 students in our building who have cleft lip/palate and have already had many surgeries to repair them. Each family has been greatly supported by the cleft palate team at Children’s Mercy Hospital. Our student council was especially fond of the cleft bear service that your organization provides.

At the end of April we did a “Coins for Cleft” campaign, asking students and families to donate spare change to the cause. We raised over $3,800 with this activity! The student council also runs a school store. Therefore, we were able to donate an additional amount to make our CPF donation an even $4,000.

On May 8th, we had a wonderful speaker from Children’s Mercy come out and visit with us about cleft lip and cleft palate. She visited with our student council and answered many of our questions. We videotaped her visit and shared it with all Blue River classrooms. Later that day we did an all school walk. We invited the community to join us, cheer for us or otherwise support us as the entire school participated in an approximate one mile walk to support the Cleft Palate Foundation. It was a wonderful event. Our kids made signs, made up chants and enjoyed the camaraderie for joining together for a purpose. Enclosed are a few pictures from our walk. We hope you will accept our check and use it however it will best support children.

Thank you so much for all you do for children and their families!