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Yes, I want to improve education, support and resources for individuals affected by facial differences!

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CPF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supported solely through tax-deductible contributions. All general, unrestricted donations will support Cleftline services. Cleftline costs include information distribution (free-of-charge to individuals and families), 24-hour support, and referrals to local treatment teams.

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CPF is a recipient of the Independent Charities Seal of Excellence.                      

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Learn more about specific CPF funding areas:

Research Fund

To date, CPF has awarded over half a million dollars in research funding. Donations made to the Research Fund will be applied to the five grants that are awarded each year. To read more about the research grants and the studies that have been supported, please click here.

Bear Fund

CPF is pleased to offer custom-made Gund teddy bears with cleft lip repair stitches across their lip. Donations to the Bear Fund help subsidize the cost of the bears for families around the world. Read more about CPF’s Bears for the Kids project.

Student Scholarship Fund

Each year CPF offers a minimum of eight college scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students with facial differences. With increased awareness of the scholarships comes greater competitiveness for the available monies. CPF aims to award scholarships to as many qualified applicants as possible. Supporting the Student Scholarship Fund means helping outstanding students like the 2015 scholarship recipients pay for a portion of their higher education.

Thank you for supporting the Cleft Palate Foundation!