ACPA Family Services

November 2015


Miracle Flights Puts Care in the Air

Is that my ride? courtesy, Miracle Flights for Kids

Is that my ride?
courtesy, Miracle Flights for Kids

Yesterday, our Director of Operations, Stephanie Williamson, enjoyed a conversation with Rasalie Perera, one of the good folks at the welfare flight organization,  Miracle Flights. Rasalie was excited to share news and updates about the organization and its services.

If you’re not familiar, Miracle Flights is a non-profit organization that provides flight assistant anywhere in the US for kids  in need of distant  medical care. Rasalie tells us that the organization has recently reinstituted its international flight program as well.

  • Roundtrip medical flight to facilities for second opinions, treatment and/or follow-up;
  • Roundtrip service dog training flight  to train with and retrieve a new service dog and for recurrent training needs;
  • Roundtrip flight for blood/organ donors assisting treatment;
  • Flights are on commercial airlines;
  • Flights are offered as many times as needed;
  • Services are not limited to a specific disease or condition.

Learn more about Miracle Flights here. Make a memorial, honorarium, or other gift here.