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Connections to be rescheduled

Connections to be rescheduled

It was a tough call and we’re more than a little disappointed but we’ve cancelled the October 3 Connections in Chapel Hill.


Well, the timing didn’t seem to work for many folks. Probably back-to-school busy-ness and other commitments have schedules packed. And like any good party, Connections is only fun if a bunch of folks show up. Much of the day’s programming–team panel, family panel, kids’ gatherings, round-table discussions–depends on lots of conversation, give-and-take, and shared experiences and you need a big bunch of people to make those things happen.

We’re working hard to figure out a spring or early summer date that might work better. When’s a good time of year for you or your family to participate in a Saturday event like Connections? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Robin Sivertsen
    I would love to see Connections come down to Tampa. We have so many families down here who would benefit. The weather is perfect in March or April.

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