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June 2015


A Good Question: More surgery when I get older?

“More surgery when I get older?” We recently received this great question from a twenty-something with repaired cleft lip and palate.

Information for Adults

Information for Adults

Repaired clefts of the palates often age very well and remain intact and healthy for many decades. However, as the body changes with age, additional cleft care and revision may be needed to support the health and function of the repair. In addition to care of the palate, adults with repaired clefts may also need care for loose teeth that don’t have the bone support needed to remain healthy throughout the lifespan.

Here at CPF we hear from many adults who are searching for cleft specialists who care for adults patients. We help connect them with an appropriate cleft palate treatment team or specialist in their area.  For more information about adult cleft care, take a look at our booklet Information for Adults.