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Welcome to CPF’s new blog, Cleft Connection!

Welcome to CPF’s new blog, Cleft Connection!

Hello, and welcome to the Cleft Palate Foundation (CPF) and its new blog, Cleft Connection! Whether you’re meeting us for the first time or have known us for years, we at CPF have one guiding goal for our relationship with you: To help support and inform you as you make your way through the world of craniofacial care. Since 1973, we’ve supported patients and families through Cleftline, family conferences, and an ever-growing collection of educational materials. We are most excited about this new experience: engaging in conversation with you via Cleft Connection.

Every day we learn something new. Every day, parents, medical professionals, patients and others affected by craniofacial birth defects tell us about their challenges, their discoveries and their milestones. While those conversations may eventually morph into a new booklet, fact sheet, or family conference discussion topic, we hope that sharing them with you at our blog will help you feel more supported and connected in your daily experiences. We hope that Cleft Connection will be a place for all of us in the craniofacial care community to share more with one another!

What’s ahead? In the coming months, you’ll see several features including A Good Question, a series that responds to questions we commonly receive from parents or patients, and One From the Team, a series that highlights answers from specialists about a particular area of craniofacial care. We’re always pleased to hear why you love your treatment teams and will be spotlighting them in the series, All-Star Team. Other series features will focus on family storytelling, preparing for hospital visits and whatever else you’d like to hear!

Cleft Connection needs you! So please, visit us often (new posts up weekly!), tell your friends we’re here and encourage them to join the CPF community. Each blog post will conclude with a related question about your experiences. We hope you’ll add your comments to discussions with other readers. We hope to foster a comfortable and friendly environment where you’ll share your thoughts and questions with others who may benefit from hearing them!  See more about our comments policy here.

So let’s get started!  What topics or issues would you like to see at Cleft Connection?

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  1. Suzanne Randa
    I have a granddaughter born Oct. 19th who has a bilateral cleft lip and palate, so I look forward to following this blog and learning anything I can that can help her and her parents. I'm particularly interested in fundraising/financial aid issues. They have decent insurance, but the incidental things related to caring for a child with cleft are not covered. Example....a Penguin bottle with two nipples is $26.99, on "sale"!
    • Lisa
      Suzanne, congratulations on the birth of your granddaughter! In many cases, specialty nursers like the Pigeon nurser can be documented as a medical necessity--a prescription written for them from a pediatrician or cleft palate treatment team does the trick--and so covered by insurance. Enjoy your growing family!

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