ACPA Family Services

October 2013


Welcome to CPF’s new blog, Cleft Connection!

Hello, and welcome to the Cleft Palate Foundation (CPF) and its new blog, Cleft Connection! Whether you’re meeting us for the first time or have known us for years, we at CPF have one guiding goal for our relationship with you: To help support and inform you as you make your way through the world of craniofacial care. Since 1973, we’ve supported patients and families through Cleftline, family conferences, and an ever-growing collection of educational materials. We are most excited about this new experience: engaging in conversation with you via Cleft Connection. Continue reading →

Coming Soon!

We plan to have our new blog up and running in the next few weeks. We will be covering a variety of topics including common questions and concerns, current issues and trends in cleft/craniofacial care, and much more! We hope you will feel welcome to jump in and join these conversations with us. Check back with us soon!